Damian is a Senior

Damian is the poor boy still left at home with his parents. He is a senior this year though and it seems is actually rarely home. When he is though all the other kids feel sorry for him, because if there is work to do, there is no one else to pass it off on like there was when they were all here. He has got into woodworking at school, and is thinking about carpentry as a career; however, he wants to go to Bozeman for college and they donít offer that there. Heíll probably start as an agriculture major and do what he wants to do which is take snowboarding as a class, and probably take girl-watching for the rest. When Molly and I went to watch the Grand March for the Winter Formal which was held the day before Thanksgiving, she was pointing out all of Damianís ďexesĒ as they came through the line. If you canít through to us on the phone, it is because Damian is chatting on MSN. Heís not supposed to connect until after 9:00, but he often is in a different time zone than we are.

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