Jason in California

Jason finally has a “paying” job. He started working for Qualcomm in San Diego, California the 1st of September. He’s working with digital cell phone technology. The last time that Mike and I were in San Diego we said that we would probably never return. As you might have forgotten, Mike was born and lived there until he was five. His grandparents who we were visiting have since died. Anyway there I was back with Jason in San Diego at the 1st of August helping him apartment hunt. His company paid for his trip and another person and I got to be that person as he couldn’t think of anyone else that would want to drive around looking at apartments. Anyway he lives in an apartment complex, likes his job, and likes the city. His biggest problem is that he took off the summer hiking and caving in Montana and Canada, and isn’t too excited about tying himself down to a full-time job. But then who is! He thinks pretty soon he’ll be too old to do all the things he wants to do, so I don’t know what that says about the rest of us. He discovered that he could get supper free there if he worked past 6:00 as an incentive for working longer hours. Instead he doesn’t show up at work till 10:30, so he’s still putting in his eight hours at that time. Anyway, it saves him cooking and eating alone at home in the evening.

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