Molly in Bozeman

Molly is in her 2nd year of college at Bozeman. She is majoring in elementary education with emphasis on math and computers. She came home for the past summer to work for Mike and took over all the farming for me so I was pretty happy. She also helped her gramps during his harvest season where she unloaded the trucks and ran the scale. While there she met his harvest crew who were mostly kids from South Africa. Consequently, one of them ended up at our place for Thanksgiving. He decided to stay in the United States through the winter instead of flying home with the others. He had a week off from work over Thanksgiving so he flew in to Bozeman to see Molly. Before he left he even got to make a snow angel, as he had hardly ever saw snow before. He wasn’t going to tell his family about that. They would all be lying on the ocean beach sunning themselves right then, and wouldn’t understand why he was laying in the cold snow. Other than that she played rugby again when she got back to college, and now is on intramural basketball and volleyball teams. For the 2nd year her work-study job is with WET-water education for teachers. I guess Bozeman is the main office in the United Stated for sending out literature to all teachers on water education. She is living in the dorms again, but got a double room as a single, and really enjoys her privacy.

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