Links to the SHHS Class of 1970 Graduates

Darlene Camille Don Roann Jerry
Vicky Gerald Kim Lori Mary Jo
Bunny Rene Mike John Jane
Lee Bob H Fran Liz Susan
Kay Janice Merrie Patti Mary
Ron Leonard Tom Bob S Joe and Cathi
Ed (In Memory)

Down Memory Lane

The Cord
Feb, 1970
The Cord
Oct, 1969
The Cord
Nov, 1969
Coming Soon
The Cord Apr, 1970
8th Grade Will 8th Grade
Graduation Picture
1969 Fall
1969 Fall
Picture Collage
20 Year Reunion
The Star
May 1970
Tidbits 10 Year
Reunion Picture
Group Pictures
30 Year Reunion
3rd Grade
Mass Attendees
6th Grade
Montana 75th Centennial

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