Troy in Billings

Troy is in his 4th year of five at MSU-Billings. He came home several weekends last winter to help Mike during calving season, and then at Easter; but this fall we realized he hadn’t been home since. We had seen him several times when we were in Billings, and he had met us a couple times at the lake for wake boarding and skiing at the lake, but it’s just that he hadn’t been home. We have a family of bankers from Minnesota that come hunting here every year and they always ask if Troy’s going to be here because he started taking them hunting when Mike was busy and then would go partying with them in the evening—which is the real reason they come to Montana, so we finally got him home for that. He has been home since to go hunting with Mike and for Thanksgiving. He is double majoring in accounting and informational systems, but doesn’t have a clue what kind of job he wants other than one that makes money. He finally quit working for UPS early this summer as he was tired of going to work at 3:30 in the morning. It crimped his night life. He worked for a lumber company in Billings this past summer delivering building materials to construction sites. Now he just has a work-study job at the college gym and is trying to learn to live with less money. For once, he won’t have to leave Christmas Day to return to work the next day.

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